Hi All,

I am setting up an HP 760WL (wireless access gateway) on my network and
am having some problems getting to the BM login page.

I know this is more of an HP issue ( if I set my wired clients to the BM
proxy everything works fine)
But I was just wondering if anyone else has got these two products to

What I would like to happen:
No proxy settings on wireless laptops
Users connect to the HP 760 (and authenticate via LDAP-to NDS)
Users are then pushed to the BM SSL login page and have to login again
to access the Internet.

What I have working:
No proxy settings on wireless laptop.
Users auto detect the HP 760 and authenticate via LDAP -NDS

What isn't working:
No BM login page. The closest I get is a "400 bad request Invalid
request-line URI"
I am using a redirect filter to redirect all (Authenticated) IP to port
8080 of my BM server (

If I remove the redirect filter, I can authenticate to the 760, change
my IE proxy setting to and get the BM SSL login page.

any ideas??