Hello all: I am seeing some peculiar things happening with
group policies we push out using ZfD7 (fully patched running
on a NW6.5 sp8 server, edir 8.8.4).

This issue is a complete lack of policies being applied to
certain users. In particular, I have three admin users in
different OUs that I use when needed (faster to call up when
in a branch office). One of these admin users just will not
load the group policies that are assigned (via an admin
group containing the three admin accounts). I have double
checked edir and have no issues there. I even deleted the
account in question and recreated a new account with the
same results.

To make matters a bit more complicated we have a Windows
domain which all workstations are members. I fear that
somehow the windows domain is messing things up.

I am not sure how to diagnose this issue so all help IS