Not sure what is causing this problem below; Can someone please help me to solve this problem.

The Error as stated;

"LPR Communication Failed: Sending data to the printer failed failed error = 35"
Cannot ping printer: Last good ping 23:04:09 10.29.00
SNMP Communcation Failed.

At the stage I am unable to ping the printer from a workstation and the server says:

Status and Control: Error Printing
Status Details: LPR Communication Failed.

. Once printer is restarted the printer seems to be fine and starts printing again.

Printer is setup using Novell gateway using LPR Printer Name = PASSTHROUGH.

We are using ;

Windows XP SP3
Novell SP7B
Novell iPrint Client 4.38.
Kyocera FS 4000 DN - KX Drivers certifed by Microsoft.