i have users who map drives on login via login script.
map H:=srv01\vol1:
map I:= srv02\vol2:
map J:= srv03\vol3:

they have a windows xp pro sp3 workstation with novell client 4.91sp5, they are mapping to some netware 5.1 servers and some sles linux / oes2 systems

seemingly randomly (though more often after some period of inactivity, ie coming back after a 15 min meeting) one user in particular will find that suddenly their H: drive is no longer mapped to srv01\vol1:, but instead srv02\vol2:

unmapping the H:\ drive and remapping with the novell tray icon, or a unmap/map command from a console rarely resolves the mapping. usually the user has to reboot to correct the mapping.

name resolution appears ok both before and after the issue, which ive verified with pings. connecting to \\srv1\vol1 via browsing to the share seems to work both before and after the issue occurs.

i have about 15 other users with the exact same cloned desktop and this one person is the only one that has the issue.

ive tried moving the user around to other pcs for a day or so, recloning her pc, disabling any power saving settings (suspension/hiberhation). regardless of what i do the problem follows her.

has anyone ever seen this kind of thing?