Am not exactly sure how to ask this, so, perhaps I'll describe what I'd like to be able to do.

I've got a fairly well customized ZEN PXE boot menu, and can handle tweaking boot command scripts, editing and recompiling the PXE menu, and modifying and repackaging the Zen boot environment. We're on Netware 6.5 and Zen 7.

But, I'd like to add a couple of other "boot enviorments" as options from our PXE boot menu: for example, the UBCD for hardware testing, the Trinity Rescue kit and SystemRescueCD enviroments for data recovery, things like that. I know these each can work as PXE boot images; i've made that work before, but not in Netware.

Has anyone done anything like this? Is there a how-to or forum thread around that i'm just not searching for the right way? If someone has even a close example, I can probably follow it and tweak it to fit our situation.