I am patching my OES servers with ZLM and it looks like I have been patching them incorrectly so far. It sometimes pays to read the documentation before implementation :-)
Anyway, according to Novell OES2 servers should be patched with "rug up -t patch" to exclude SLES patches that can break OES services.

When using rug on a new Server that is subscribed to my ZLM catalogs for SLES and OES "rug lu" will show me all patches to be applied (OES2 and SLES) and "rug up" will apply them. When I type "rug up -t patch" with or without catalogname it says "no updates available". What am I doing wrong?

Also does anyone know if there were any SLES10 post SP2 patches that I should be concerned about? My OES2 SP1 servers seem to be OK so far.

Thanks, Frank