After upgrading NW65sp6 to NW65sp8 and, on the same box, BM38sp5 to BM39sp1 followed by BM39sp2 we find slow response to external Citrix servers accessed via IE7 browser to use Citrix metframe app. Especially, when typing text into the app the time it takes for text to appear is unacceptably slow. Upgraded to latest Citrix client v. 11 but no help. Using proxy.cfg version 30 with tunneling disabled.

Tcpip.nlm is version 6.92, 11/20/2007 and proxy.nlm is version 5.13.01, 2/02/2009. Saw a previous 2008 thread indicating proxy and tcpip downgrade may resolve the issue. Application was not tested between BM39sp1 and BM39sp2 so cannot say whether it worked on sp1. Has anyone successfully resolved this issue by downgrade (or otherwise) and, if so, to what versions?