Part of my job as GW admin here at my company is to work with our legal department in message retention any time there is a reason to do so. For example, we may have some type of legal case where the attorneys have prohibited a user here at corporate from deleting emails.

Back in the GW7 days, I'd just go in and turn off the "purge" feature so that they could not empty their trash.

But with GW8, it looks like Novell has changed things. Now when I inhibit the purge feature, it instead is talking about messages that have not been backed up. But we back up our system every night so this inhibit only works for new messages going forward. The user can still dump trash prior to the day the inhibit was turned on.

So how can I accomplish in GW8 what I used to do very easily in GW7? I need to prevent a user from dumping trash for anything in their GW system.