I have an issue with Groupwise 8 Address Book.

I want to have Microsoft Personal Address Book shown in my Groupwise Address Book. Following actions was performed on workstation with installed Groupwise client (WinXP Sp3 + GW7.0.3):
1. Open "Control Panel"->"Mail". Novell Groupwise Properties window opens.
2. In "Services" tab click "Add" button, select "Personal Address Book" (from Microsoft). AB Provider appears in providers list.
3. Close "Novell Groupwise Properties" window by clicking "OK" button.
4. Open Groupwise Address Book, search for "Personal Address Book".

On GW7.0.3 Microsofts Address Book appears successful, but these actions have no effect on GW8.0.0 (with HotPatch1).

How can I add third-party address book as a separate AB to Groupwise client?