I am trying to upload a driver to a new OES2-installation. I have created the Driver Store, but when I try to upload the first driver using iManager I am able to select From File option and browse to the inf-file. Then it displays the drivername, and I click ok, but nothing happens after this.

After searching a bit I thougth I would try using iprntman to upload the driver. I am not able to get this working either. What can I do next. When I try iprntman I get the following error:
Error: IPP Error 0x 500: server-error-internal-error

C:\Program\Novell\iPrint\iprntman>iprntman.exe driver winxp"Dell MFP Laser 3115cn PCL6" --upload --from-inf "c:\temp\MFP 3115cn\Win_x32\PCL\dlxbazi.inf" -s
Repository: winxpdell mfp laser 3115cn pcl6, Driver Target:
Authentication required for
Enter the user name: admin
Enter the password for admin: *******
Error: IPP Error 0x 500: server-error-internal-error

On the server I only know of /var/log/messages, and that gives this error when I try to upload with iprntman:
Apr 24 13:55:31 print01-srv idsd[13069]: ProcessEndDriverDataReq: Invocation of AddResource() failed with error 1280

Please help :)