I am trying to set-up a client to site VPN connection to our head office that allows access to several branch networks behind the BorderManager server.
I'm using NBM3.9.2 and iManager to create the VPN.

Do you need to set up a separate traffic rule for each destination sub-net?
Craig's docs suggest you should be able to add several network destinations in the same rule yet trying just returns a 'you can either add one IP address range or one network only' message...
entering an IP range spanning the subnets (ie seems to confuse the VPN client during login, no 'protected networks' show and no traffic crosses the VPN link.

Access to the head office network, when a single network destination is set in the traffic rule works fine,
but the people who'll use the VPN will need to connect to servers on both branch and head office LANS.

What is the best way to set this up?