Hello All,

I have very strange problem with XP + SLES OES 2. Getting file from server take a lot of time (on some XP machines) but putting back is very fast. I have tested it on 6 machines and resutls are below.

Clietns: Windows XP + Novell Client 4.91 SP5
Server: SLES 10.1 OES 2

3 of 6 clients:
XP -> OES2 - 8Mb/s
XP -< OES2 - 350-600 kb/s

on other 3 clients:
XP -> OES2 - 8Mb/s
XP -< OES2 - 8Mb/s

I tried to install Linux as client on the PC which have this problem and got normal result (same speed 'to' and 'from' OES2).

Could anybody help me?