First, I'd like to apologize for my crappy english.

Well, we're having troubles with the outgoing FTP connections in BorderManager. With the filters unloaded, the FTP works flawlessly. Now, if the filters are loaded, we can only connect to FTP servers that listen in port 21. The exception (with the packet type ftp-port-pasv-st) works perfect, but if we try to connect to a server that listen in port 27, for example, we can authenticate, but listing the directory doesn't work (in other words, the connection in the data channel never gets established). We have created a new packet type for the port 27 (following the example), and with the stateful filtering enabled, and it doesn't work. BorderManager doesn't let us choose the two options relative to FTP in stateful filtering, though, arguing that there are only for FTP connections (port 21, in other words).

Any ideas?