Hello Everyone,

I'm having a bit of a frustrating problem with one of my Servers. It's an HP Proliant ML370 G3 with a HP Smart Array 525 Running NetWare 6.5 SP8. I have updated the Firmware for the controller, and the HAM driver with the latest available from HP.

Every night at Midnight, my SYS volume deactivates itself. I have watched the server as this happens, there is no precursor, the logger screen shows a system data i/o error 20203(zio.c[554] and then the volume dismounts. I have turned off all the services that happen around that time, my backup, virus scan, virus definition updates. None of these things seem to be the culprit.

I have booted with the HP SmartStart Cd and ran the Array Diagnostic tool and it threw me two errors on two disks (one apiece) but none of my disks are reporting a fail. When I called HP about it and sent them the diagnostic report, their response was 'well, with this problem we usually suggest backing up the server, deleting the array, recreating the array, and restoring from backup.'

If this is the case, I guess I have no choice, but I'm hoping that someone can point me to a few things I haven't thought to try yet before embarking on what will most likely be an incredibly long weekend of waiting for files to copy :-)


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