I have one specific user that can't log in. This is a test user and as such, I've probably done some weird things with it. When I log in I get

An unexpected system error occurred.

com.liferay.portal.struts.ActionException: java.lang.NullPointerException

and in catalina.out I get

ERROR [model.impl.UserImpl] com.liferay.portal.NoSuchContactException: No Contact exists with the primary key 10402

I have deleted the user from one part of it (ICECore, I think) and the user doesn't appear to exist in liferay (was never able to log in successfully... is that why?) When I re-sync'd, the user got added to ICECore but I got the same error and was unable to log in, so the user is still not in liferay (have I got that straight?)

We have re-created the account in eDirectory to clear out any potential issues there, then repeated the above steps. Nonetheless, the behaviour remains.

I suspect that, seeing as this was my test user and I was doing ungodly things with it, it might have a 'ghost' record somewhere in the user database. How can I be sure that the account is completely cleaned out? In other words, which tables do I need to look at with mysql-query-browser?