Well it looks like Novell has changed the behavior of
zenworks.msi on installation. We use a scripted post
imaging process in conjunction with sysprep. It noramlly
goes like this:

1. Upon completion of reimage computer reboots and sysprep
does it's stuff. Once complete it sets a vbs file to run on
next boot. This vbs file installs the Netware, iPrint and
ZENworks clients. The system reboots.
2. vbs (set above) installs clients and reboots.
3. ZENworks post install process starts and sets computer
name and IP address. Once complete it sets another vbs to
4. Third vbs runs and once complete reboots. Computer is
ready for action.

HOWEVER, with the new zenworks.msi, an extra reboot is
needed between steps 2 and 3 in order to get zenworks to
fireoff and set the proper computer parameters. This
completely F*&^s my scripting up. GREAT.

Anyone else seen this behavior??