I just had an issue this past week with the big boss in the company needing their phone reset and we ended up losing all of the phone contacts because they were all Unfiled. In the aftermath I have been playing with the Unfiled address book and am not seeing any consistency between how it is syncing. All of our phones are Windows Mobile 5/6. What I need to simulate is grabbing a phone number from my call history, create a contact and have it sync under Unfiled. My phone works perfectly fine, but everything up to this point I have filed contacts under a specific address book. My boss purchased his phone several months after me, had me set up his GWM, did not set Unfiled to sync, and after this incident we have turned it on and nothing that he has Unfiled will sync. We can go in to his phone's address book and find several contacts that are Unfiled, but the won't go back to GroupWise. I've even gone in to the settings and had it completely refresh the address book, nothing. Is there a way to force all contacts to become part of a default address book instead of being Unfiled? I'm concerned that more of my users might run in to this issue. Thanks!