Imagine for a moment a computer, monitor and thermal labelling printer
sitting on a table high enough so it is comfortable to use at standing
A start concrete wall in one direction married to the reinforced
concrete floor. Polystyrine sandwiched aluminium walls surrounding
this innocent little machine.

Along comes a cleaner, he spots our poor hapless defenseless machine.
He sees it shake in fear as he brandishes a high pressure hose.
An evil cackle cuts through the sobs of the machine. "Take THAT!" the
cleaner screams in uncontrolled glee as he turns the hose on the widdle

At least that's how I imagined it happened.

Ok, well, maybe not. But you can imagine my suprise finding a computer
that is no longer working sitting in a pool of water in an area which
isn't supposed to get sprayed down. You can also imagine my suprise
when I see that based on the marks on the computer it wasn't the first