we are planning to upgrade our NW6-2node-cluster to OES1 (NW6.5SP7).
I was testing that with 4 VM (2-node-cluster NW6SP5, 2 premigration servers NW 6.5SP7) using the Migration Wizard 8.2.709.14.

The Migration Wizard was ignoring the cluster services completely. After migrating the first node I has to install new NCS-Software onto the cluster. It works fine for the upgraded node, but destroyes the NCS on the old NW6-node.
The cluster resources are available (cluster was down for 7 minutes only).
After migration of the second node I was unable to upgrade the cluster services files of that node. But copying the NCFs (ldncs and uldncs) from the SYS:MIG was giving me a working cluster v1.80.4. But the way was no fine.

In the NCS-1.8.4-documentation you can read, upgrading Netware all cluster services are upgraded automatically. May be, they mean only inplace upgrade. There is nowhere written some text about Migration Wizard. How to make a rolling cluster upgrade to new hardware and new OS and new NCS in a better way?


Holger Dietze