This has been puzzling me for months,
Current situation,
Novell Client SP5, on WinXP SP3, but with Samba Home Directories, for folder redirection, with Roaming Profiles saved onto Win2k3 server, (Novell is used on Campus not in my control).

So, for many months, trying out folder redirection for my accounts, they seem to fail with "access if denied"... but many months later, today..

I find out why.
On the client the first character in Username gets capitalized after pressing tab to the password box, so that it then get's copied to the windows login box
(advanced button, and workstation checkbox has been removed, so you can't change anything for ease login for students)
it then logs into windows fine, but Samba it only uses lowercase usernames so therefore denied for all folder redirections...

Is there any way when it copies the username to the windows section to have it lowercase?

thanks for the help, if anyone can help that is...