I'm getting a NetStorage Error 500, almost exactly the same as the symptoms described in TID 3595588. This TID blames a UID/GID conflict, or the wwwrun user needs membership in the group novlxtier.

Here's my problem:

I've got two servers in the same Context. Netstorage works fine on Server1. I get the 500 error on Server2.

I installed NSS, LUM, NetStorage, etc pretty much the same on both servers. On the working server (Server1), it appears that the user 'wwwrun' was linux enabled properly, and is no longer present in the local /etc/passwd. It does correctly show that wwwrun is a member of 'novlxtier'. The user wwwrun does exist in eDir.

On Server2 , the user wwwrun still exists in /etc/passwd. It is not a member of 'novlxtier', as it needs to be, and I can't force it to join the group.

It seems like somewhere along the way, wwwrun on Server2 did not Linux enable correctly. I tried rerunning the NetStorage configuration in YAST, but it did not work.

Any suggestions on where to go from here? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Nathan Broome