I am trying to see what the appropriate path for this migration would be.

Looking at the GW Docs page, there is a GW7 migrator, from Exchange.

Those docs for the GW7 Migration tool say:
NOTE:After you have finished migrating Exchange users to all GroupWise 7
post offices in a GroupWise 7 domain, and after users have imported
their Outlook PST files, you can then update that domain and its post
offices to GroupWise 8, as described in "Update" in the GroupWise 8
Installation Guide. Migrated users can then use the GroupWise 8 clients
to access their mailboxes.

The GroupWise Connector for Microsoft Outlook is not currently available
for GroupWise 8, as explained in the GroupWise 8 Readme. If you use the
GroupWise 7 version of the Outlook Connector to access a GroupWise 8
mailbox, you might encounter benign peculiarities with multiple contacts
folders, but otherwise, the GroupWise 7 version of the Outlook Connects
can be used to access a GroupWise 8 mailbox.

So, does that mean there is no way to go straight to GW8? Or are we
just waiting on a release of the migrator?

Or does it actually work against GW8 now?