I'm needing to install BM38 on an NW65SP2 server but Netware's GUI will not
go past the point of "copying" after I choose the product.ni file, etc. It
runs for a 10-20 seconds then "goes away" and the job doesn't get done. I
did notice when this happens there is an error on the logger screen that
contains "javax/help/BadIDException". The only TID (10071582) I found
referring to this error was for NW5.1.

I did try using the NW65SP2 overlay CD2 and the installation wizard came up
and the install continued. So, I tried BM38 from the downloaded CD image,
copied the contents to the server, and also burned a different CD, but they
all did the same thing.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!