I have set up our first Windows 2008 Terminal Server and installed the new "Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista/2008". It generally works fine, but I have a serious issue with auto logon for RDP clients (both from workstations within our organisation and from our CISCO ASA VPN server).

If I set "Novell Logon" as the default then I get authenticated in eDirectory, the login script runs and our drives get mapped - but the SSO from the RDP clients will not work.

If I on the other hand set the "Computer Only Logon Default" then the SSO works - but even though I have set the registry keys for TSAutoAdminLogon as per the manual:

"TSClientAutoAdminLogon"="1" (STRING!)

I do not get a connection to eDirectory established (nor indeed the drives mapped, but that I could solve).

My "LDAP Contextless Login" has all three tick-marks set. I have allowed "Last Logged On User" and "Login With Non-Novell Credential Provider"

I am between a rock and a hard place - we obviously cannot do without our drives, but SSO is a must too! (I have tried CIFS on my NW6.5SP7 servers, but frankly the authentication issues are bewildering, random and irreproducible)

Any suggestions?