I'm running ZFD 7SP1, with C1 v1.3.6h Patch2. I'm creating a basic application object to launch an installer script for Adobe InDesign CS4 and am trying to assign it an icon for the app. launcher. When I browse to the InDesign EXE in C1's "application icon" field, the resulting icon list is blank, even though Windows shows dozens of icons to choose from for that executable. Using an icon extractor, I pulled out the ICO file for the one icon I wanted to use. However, when I browse to that individual icon file in C1, the icon list is still blank. I run into this problem usually 1 out of every 5 apps that I create. All the other components of the Adobe Creative Suite work fine w/in C1, it's just InDesign that's causing this problem. I've read other postings discussing this problem here in the forum and at Novell Support but the answers all seem to be either "this will be fixed in the next version" or "use an extractor to pull out the ICO and point to it directly." As I seem to have the most recent version of C1 (please correct me if I'm wrong) and the ICO route hasn't had an effect, I'm at a loss. Can someone please throw me a bone on this one? Thanks a lot!