I know that there will be a slight bias to the replies I'll get to this (But
I'll still ask!!!)

We are looking at replacing our current BM3.8 box with an ISA 2004 sever
from Micro$oft. and try as I might I cannot find any comparisons of the
products on the net (okay I can find a response from Novell about a poor
comparison MS did of Proxy svr vs BM2.1 but that's a bit behind the

Ignore cost - since security is not a cost centric issue...

Does anyone have thoughts on pro / cons on either product, how do they match
up against either other in features / performance / security etc...

We currently really only use BM as a "block all inbound firewall" and the
surfcontrol/access rules to block sites and file types. VPN's maybe needed
at a later date. We have a NDS 8.7.x and MS ADS (2003svr's) behind the BM
box so user authentication after switching shouldn't be a problem (might be
easier as we use SSL not the clntrust)