As stated earlier I'm working on a migration of ZfD 6.5 to ZCM 10. The one thing I'm trying to do now is to get the imaging part over to ZCM 10. All workstations first try a network boot where they contact the new ZCM 10 server. As soon as ZCM 10 detects that workstations belong to the ZfD 6.5 zone/system it refers to the old ZfD 6.5 server to see if there's any work to do. This part works fine.

The real problem begins when trying to image new/unknown workstations. The rules I defined in ZCM 10 for this do what they're supposed to do and execute the appropriate imaging tasks. Workstations are imaged, perform an unattended install of XP, the Novell client and the ZfD 6.5 agent. During this process the workstations reboot several times and pass the network boot. As soon as the installation is finished though I can see that the "Workstation Object" and "Workstation Object ID" are still empty causing it to initiate an imaging task because the ZCM 10 server doesn't recognize the workstation and isn't yet aware that it has to poll the ZfD 6.5 server for work to do.

As soon as the two components within the image safe data are filled out all goes well.

Thanks in advance!

Robin Meeuwsen