GMS 20x (Linux) works fine for more than 1 year
Abruptly one user cannot sync emails while calender sync is ok.

I found an error in the PIM.log:

GWNonContactItem.java:411 HTTP Attachment; nested exception is:
java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: http://MyPOAServer:7191/attachment?s..._9&id=49F0684D.......

It seems that GMS has a problem to fetch this email or item from groupwise. But how can I detect the item?

The user syncs only the inbox. First I have deleted all mails in the users inbox. Than I tried to delete and recrate the user in GMS. Also I used an other device - no success.

If I delete and recreate the user in GMS it works only once. After this GMS only synchronizes calender items and I see the error mesage again.