I have two core BM servers, one of which is the default route for the
network. This server (the default route) has several static NAT
statements for some administrative workstations, and to pass web traffic
from the outside to the inside. There are also filter statements that
only let the traffic through that I want.

I am considering setting up a 2-node cluster to allow these services to
fail over to the other server in the event of a failure to the primary
server. I would accomplish this by binding a secondary ipaddress to the
primary server, and having this address fail over with the cluster scripts.

The only question that I have is - will I cause weird issues if I define
the filters for the non-existent addresses on the backup BM server? Or
is there a way to have these fail over as well? The maintenance of
these filters is not an issue, since they rarely change - I just don't
want to trip out BM or NetWare by having unneeded filters.

Any insights will be appreciated.