I've had a BM 3.9 GW 7.03 on a server working well together without
issue till the UPS failed. Now I have a problem with GW that seems
related to the BM.

GW Clients are terribly slow at connecting and downloading messages.
Some times they just time out and try again, and if you wait long
enough sometimes they do work. Sometimes they report to Try sending
another request. The server or post office agent is no longer
responding or has become disconnected. GroupWise will exit. If the
problem persists, contact your system administrator.

Web Access pages at login is instant. Logging in cause the same long
wait, if it ever connects.

Incoming mail and outgoing when possible seem to be handled fine.

Recreated the rull for port 1677 - no change.

Both internal and external are effected.

Servers NAT'ed through the BorderManager are working fine without
issue. (iprint, ifolder, VO. .. )

Web server on BorderManager is working fine.

Now - if I unload ipflt.. all is good. Both internal and external
clients FAT and web work as they should. They connect to the correct
IP's/ports internally and externally. Load ipflt and everything comes
to an end, including the clients on the same class c subnet connected
to the server. And filtering should not be effecting my local clients
or so I thought since they resolve to the internal address of the

Any suggestions as to what to look at? It's been working fine for
months, and it has to be something corrupted somewhere, but what?