I have a BM38 with all Craigs current patches running on NW65 SP2.
I have Ifolder and NetStorage installed but otherwise is a basic system.
No one (except me) is using this currently as is it not reliable yet.

After about 3 days the system first fails to allow admin or my login
access to the server from either the client or Remote Manager.
I have an additional user with rights that is not affected. Restarting
the server allows me and admin back in.

I discovered using Remote Manager that the JAVA.NLM memory was more than
400Mb when the server starts to act up. It is 15MB when the server is
first booted and all modules are loaded. JNCPV2.NLM, JNET.NLM, ZIP.NLM,
JVMLIB.NLM, VERIFY.NLM, JVM.NLM, JSOCK6X.NLM are all running under
JAVA.NLM but I can not see how much memory they are using individually.
Maybe someone can help me here. Approx every 30 seconds Java memory
increses by exactly 40969 bytes.

I have searched the TIDS, Forums, Google and Craigs site but can not
find anything describing this.

A memory leak? Not sure how JAVA is supposed to behave memorywise but I
am guessing this is not right.

Can anyone provide me where to look next?

Thanks in advance.

Rick Miller