Hi all,

I had to rebuild a Netware 6.5 server that had ZfD 7 on it and I followed the instructions for doing it from a cool solutions article and using servref to reassign things that were pointing to it. It was a corruption of the eDir replica that forced me into rebuilding. That server was both the middle tier server and the imaging server, along with some other services and zenworks bits.

Since I have it back up and ZfD and the middle tier server re-installed the workstation import works fine and so does removal but imaging doesn't. I have tried deleting the computer object and letting it re-import but every time I try to have it take an image it just comes up with "No work to do" during the zen imaging net boot screen and then boots into windows. Everything else seems to be working though as I can boot from a zenworks imaging CD and manually create the image. I tried re-configuring the server policy for imaging but that didn't help. I also moved DHCP to this server which wasn't there before and so I followed the instructions for having DHCP and PDHCP on the same server.

The workstations net boot the zenworks imaging software just fine but its just not seeing that its supposed to take and image. Anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong? I think its probably policy related but I don't know for sure. It was working fine before the crash so I would have thought the policy should be fine.

Thanks for any help. :)