Alright, here is my story so far...

First, I am new to ZCM. I am working on an already setup ZCM 10.1.2 on Windows Server 2003. It's being used in production, so reinstalling is not an option. (I did not install it myself, and the guy who did is no longer around).

This issue I am having is when trying to take an image of a computer to the main ZCM server. I get the error log message of "Failed to connect to ZCM server XXXXXX at port 443. Error code 12. Certificate doesn't verify." And the computer I am trying to image says "Received an unknow packet from the server"

I have already scowred the forums and have done the following:
I am 99% sure the https port is default to 443. (I ran a packet sniffer while connected to the ZCC through https and that's what port it connected on. If this is wrong, let me know.)

I have checked the certificates, and they are using a fully quailifed domain name that is the same as the server name.

I have checked the reverse DNS servers (which I do not manage). They were not resolving the host name from IP but this has now been resolved.

I have also disabled my firewall.

Other things to note:

I am not using PXE to boot, but rather the BootCD. I do not think I am allow to use PXE on my network, and I prefer the CD option either way. (shortens normal boot times)

I am able to pull down an image from the server to the same computer I am trying to take an image of.

I have been able to take an image using a satelite server and most likley this is the route I will eventual take to use for imaging, but I would like to resolve the issue with the main ZCM.

Also, the network is not managed by my department. I work at a University and there is a separate department that handles the network infrastructure.
The ZCM is at a data center on a different subnet. I have read about the port ip helper for switches, but since I can pull down an image, I don't see this a being my problem. (I could be wrong though.). what do you think? What should I try next? Could it be a network issue? If so, what do I tell the guys at the NOC to get them to help me make it work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.