From the diagram (Craig last version book p.45), I understand that
using "cable" internet connection to ISP, need to have NAT on the router
and few public addresses on the BM server. Am I right?

My situation is that I have a "cable" connection with a Zyxel 10 router.
Two servers (GW & Web) are connected directly to the router (using a
switch-HUB) without any firewall. I have own 6 (xxx.xxx.xxx.80 -
xxx.xxx.xxx.87) public addresses. I don't remember that my ISP made any
NAT definitions the router.

I'm making preparations to install a BM 3.8 on a new NSBS6.5 tree and to
move the GW & WEB servers to private addresses on the LAN (behind BM).

Is it wrong to give the BM server only one public address (xxx.xxx.xxx.86)?
We have only 5 local users ... hope to have hundreds that will enter our
WEB eBusiness applications.