I'm running GW8HP1 on OES Linux w/ an EXT3 file system. Supporting about
500 users on this system. We recently migrated from Netware. I run a
nightly structure check followed by a contents check. The structure check
runs clean but I have two recurrent error conditions in the contents check.

---- -------------------------------------------------- -----
96 Records found with duplicate invalid fields........ 2
102 Contact folders out of sync........................ 95

These show up earlier in the log as:

- checking Folder records
Problem 102- Contact folders are out of sync with address books

1165 ITEM_RECORD check
Problem 96- Invalid duplicate field found - rec 1165,
- Record 1165 updated successfully

These are listed as "correctable". The code 102 errors do not correct and
reappear every night. The code 96 errors DO correct but will reappear on
one or two other users the next night.

There are no duplicate folders but we did recently delete and recreate 5
accounts to clear up problems with duplicate contacts folders. The content
for these users was restored from backup.

Any ideas to clear these up?


K. Davis