I recently did a file server migration to a SLES10sp2/OES2sp1 server, including about 40 ndps printers. I originally had an issue with an HP Color Laserjet 3505 where, when using the PCL6 driver I could not print large graphics from MS Word, no error message, just nothing came out of the printer. In trying to resolve this problem I've tried the PS driver, the Universal Printer driver, and PCL5 driver. These other drivers will occasionally print the graphic, but more often causes Word to crash, with the error "Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I opened an incident with Novell and have tried the printer driver generator and a newer iprint rpm, but so far nothing as resolved this. The printer works fine with these drivers with iPrint out of the loop.

I'm wondering if anyone has run into this issue and may possibly have a fix for it, but also am wondering if there are other particular model printers that users have had major problems getting to work in iPrint.