To make a long story short, I'm trying to upgrade/migrate to a new GMS 3 Linux server and after stumbling through some problems I have everything except receiving email working. The initial sync to the new server brings down all of the appropriate messages up to the time of the sync, but nothing after the initial sync. Looking at the log file, push just isn't pushing anything out to the handheld, and there isn't anything being blocked by a firewall. This server is set up identically to the 2.0.3 server, local firewall is currently off and the server is under the same corporate firewall policy as the old server.

One thing that I do notice when I force sync, my phone detects no changes on the sync log on the phone, my activity log does indicate that Wireless Email is syncing, but on the actual server log pim.log I keep seeing a "MCS: Found '0' mail services for account 'my account name'.

Any ideas why I'm not able to pull (or push) new messages to my handheld? It is an HTC brand running WM 6.1. Thanks!