I am new to Zenworks, and I read the documentation on how to use Zenworks to take an image of an already managed computer. However, I get only so far and then the instructions don't make sense to what I'm seeing on the screen.

I goto Devices, check the existing device, then goto Action/Take and Image.

Then the server and file path come up. I hit the magnifing glass then it asks for the server Object, IP DNS, Directory Path on Server and then a File Name.

I click on my zenworks server in the first blank, then click on the images folder in the second, but in the third one it's asking for a file name. I cannot tell if it's asking me to create one, or enter one already created? If it's the latter, I haven't even created it yet!

I do enter a .zmg extension on whatever file name, then I check "crete an image bundle" and then fill everything else out.

However, on the machien where I want the image delievered to, I refresh Zen, and nothing shows in the application viewer. Also I checked the images folder on the ZCM server and nothing ever got saved there. so how exactly do you image!!!!! Sorry just frustrated.