I currently use multiple collectors that I have created to scan different locations based upon IP Ranges. I have created them so that the collection is spread out over a one week period to minimize network activity.

I have been directed to change my collection so that it happens every Sunday. All machines in the company are now "woken up" every Sunday to receive any necessary patches. I will be changing my collection schedule so that my inventories take place on Sunday also but I have a question about the Default Collection Option Set.

Would it be better to make use of the Default Collection Option Set or should I create a separate Collection Set for this task? Also since I have only targeted specific IP Ranges in the past what should my settings be to ensure that I am looking at the entire network?

I also do not remember - when they wake up the systems on the network will the machines inventory from the Login Page or do they actually need to be logged onto the network to complete the inventory.