Good Afternoon everyone:
H E L P !

I am working on replacing a NW6.5SP6 native server with NW6.5SP8 running via VMWare on SLES10SP2 Linux. I am using VMware as Xen seemed to need a storage file on a partitioned volume since I was using unpartitioned space for the Netware partition.

My office has two WinXP stations, 1 WinVista and a growing number of Linux SLED10 and SLED11 workstations. Running iManager from the win boxes is not a problem. I have used iManager to run iPrint setup with no problem. The two NetWare servers I have are in different trees and I have tried to put the new server (NW6.5SP8) in a named SLP partition.

SLP is "messed up" on both servers but I can login to both trees at the same time. by using the IP address of the root server

Thank you