We are working on migrating from GW 7.0.1 to Exchange 2003. I am trying to install the Groupwise Gateway to Exchange on one of our servers. We built a dedicated Exchange server for this task. We're running our GroupWise domain on another server running on a Windows server. I ran through the step by step documentation to install the Gateway software, selecting to run it as a service. I got everything set up in ConsoleOne and our other Exchange servers but when I try to start the gateway, I do not see the service in the services console. I do not see the software installed anywhere on the server. I reran the install several times selecting to run the gateway as an application on one pass through and service another, but the software never appears on the gateway server.

After some investigation, I found the software on our Groupwise server. Rerunning the install I see no option to install the gateway on our gateway server, but I do see it making the gateway folder on our Groupwise server. I can see the gateway application when I browse to the file location via the UNC path, but when I run, the gateway fails to start.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Is it okay for the gateway software to be installed on the groupwise server and the failure is a general error with Exchange or does the Gateway software actually need to reside on the gateway server?