Single eDir tree. DHCP per site, three DNS servers with everything dynamically updating the one zone.

User logs into SubnetA and receives IP address from DHCP_A. DHCP_A updates DNS for the A and PTR records. Good.

User then moves over to SubnetB and laptop grabs IP address from DHCP_B. DHCP_B adds the new PTR record and updates the A record with the additional address. Not so good...

So now the user has A with two ip addresses and two PTRs pointing to the one name.

DHCP leases still exists in each subnet, so I can understand why DNS is not updated however....

Both DHCP servers have "Allow Mobile User but delete previously assigned address" set.

It would appear that this feature is either not working *or* is limited to that DHCP Servers subnets and doesn't work when each site has a separate DHCP server (i.e. the most common setup).

This confuses ZenWorks Config Management which uses the PTR records and picks the wrong one ! :-)

Q1. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?

Q2. Any suggestions on how I can achieve the desired behaviour (old records replaced when hostname appears in other subnet) ?