Has anyone got iFolder working with Nows-SBE2?

I've had several attempts - ALL unsucessful.

Possibly a Bug ?

I've had another colleague try the install too in case I've missed something

----- Here is what I've done to simplify checking ---------------------

Install NOWS-SBE2 basic OS from DVD
Select NOWS SBE Administration

Enter IP details, Registration code & Password

Install Personal Backup (iFolder) - this requires iManage and eDirectory
taking defaults (install into a NEW Tree).

Using iManager Create a user or 2!

Select Personal Backup (iFolder) > iFolder Administration

In the login box ifolderProxy is already selected
enter password
Select Language English

I get your session has been closed. Please login.

If I try to login via web client - error box pops up and mentions Fliam Db

Desktop Client - Failed to Create Flaim Db

Have I missed something obvious??