We have one OES2 Linux(SLES10-SP1 and OES2) that run IDM3.5.1

Im trying to set ut a driver-connection to a Win2008 AD-server, but i dont get usersaccounts syncronized, so i need to use DS Trace in iMonitor to troubleshoot. Now the whole iMonitor has gone nuts. I can login, but the GUI-meny is gone. If i click on the link "Trace configuration" i only get the login-page again.

Then i try Novell Remote Manager(NRM) and it is completely dead; Page cannot be found!

Reboot did not solve this problems. iManager works perfects!

Im a little scared since this IDM-server is used as LDAP-authentication for 15000users to access wlan-nettwork. If this server stops, noone is able to login to the network.

I need iMonitor and NRM back!