I am having a issue while using eDirectory for authentication of teaming.

If I am providing all the 4 parameters (Base Provider, Base DN field, Principle field and Credentials field) synchronization and Authentication are not working.

If I populate only Base Provider details (i.e ldap://host:389/ou=dau,o=da) and leave rest of the parameters blank synchronization is working fine but same is not working with Authorization.

Synchronization is able to get all the users in the specified OU but when I try I am not getting the authentication.

I tried importing the certificate from server and using LDAPs and 636 still its not working
How to enable SSL to Teaming LDAP Synchronization and Authentication
this results in following erros:
Failed to bind to the LDAP server with given values
LDAP: error code 13 Confidentiality required

Appreciate your help.