I changed the public IP address on my BM and then my NDPS manager stopped working along with my RADIUS services. I moved NDPSM to an other server and I am trying to fix the RADIUS issue. But I am still getting the same error for every authentication requests.
The public interface is only used for Proxy services and should affect my services running on the private network, so I am a litle surprised...

Here is the Radius debug log :

[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] -------- START : (Access-Request (1)) [(ip)]: time:561058189---
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] CACHE: CacheDomainListExist(AgentsDAS.dial_in_users.giros ol), using cache
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] AuthRequestHandler(), Calling RequestHandler.
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] CACHE: CacheReadSecretForNASAddress(AgentsDAS.dial_in_use rs.girosol), using cache
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)CacheGetDNForName:NWDSReadObjectInfo(.AG_0000199 .ou=dial_in_users.o=girosol), succeeded, time:5
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] userName: .AG_0000199.ou=dial_in_users.o=girosol
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] userDN: AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)NDSVerifyAttr:NWDSRead(AG_0000199.dial_in_users. girosol,RADIUS:Dial Access Group) succeeded, time:32
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)NWDSCompare:(AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol) succeeded, time:24
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)NWDSRead(AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol,RADI US Enable Attr) succeeded, time:25
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] User Name: .AG_0000199.ou=dial_in_users.o=girosol, User DN: AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol, Domain: , Service Tag:
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)NADMAuthRequest()
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)NADMAuthRequest(AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol ) succeeded, time:6
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)Authenticate (0 policy, NDS pswd) (for AG_0000199.dial_in_users.girosol), failed, -941 (0xfffffc53)
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] (->)Authentication FAILED
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] ->Sending Access-Reject (3) [(ip)] count=20
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] ->Inserting into RespQ , code(3) id(1).
[2009-04-29 11:20:30 AM] -------- END : (Access-Request (1)) [(ip)]: time:561058570---

The error "0xfffffc53" points me this :No Service Registry Service (SRS) was available for the Resource Management Service (RMS) to register with.

I am struggling to fix this, does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance