planning new BM 3.5 to 3.8 migration, new server hardware. Reading through
old posts on cache volumes has brought a couple of questions to mind:

am I reading correctly that cache volume(s) should be on separate physical
disks from the sys:?

also, I'm unclear on the cache volume sizing recommendations. am I correct
in stating that there should be at least 2, and their total size should more than 8 gigs each?

I bought a server w/ 2 disks, with the intention of mirroring them for
redundancy. (the smallest disk you can buy these days is plenty big enough
in terms of data storage). wondering now if this is bad for performance,
(or any other reason). TID 10018699(proxy and cache performance and tuning)
makes the comment that "...cache data is exendable and need not be
redundant". well, sure. I don't care about the data; I just don't want
the server to stop working if the disk fails. So...which way should I go?
have sys and all cache volumes on one disk, and mirror that disk for
redundancy, or buy 2 more disks...mirror sys on one pair, and cache volumes
on the other?

we're not huge...only ~100 users, if that makes any difference.