Running test enviroment before rollout Novell Netware 65 sp3 Groupwise 7.0.3 updates to domain, postoffice, webaccess and gwia with only slight issues.
Created a stripped down client software distribution directory under the post office, edit the setup config to enable auto update changed other settings as to what I wanted in the update so there would be no user interaction, checked the setup.ini file so that enable language was set to no, copied both to client\win32 directory. Created new software distribution directory under the domain and set the post office to use new distribution directory.
Restarted the post office so that it pointed to the new software distribution directory. Gave client read and file scan rights to software distribution directory.
Loading Groupwise client on workstation comes up that there is a new Groupwise software available, however you cannot currently access the new software to update.
I have checked to ensure that the unc path is correct, access to post office is client server, I have used this method in the past without any issues.
What am I missing or is this a problem with the client upgrade to Groupwise 8.
I would appreciate any suggestions.