A co-worker of my wife heard that we went and saw STYX in concert again last Friday night. (GREAT concert, once again)
He mentioned this his wife works with a brother of one of the band members. That member invited him and his wife to a STYX concert as well as on the family boat beforehand. He told them he could get them backstage!

His wife doesn't want to accept the offer because it's from someone at work. For cryin' out loud, if I had an opportunity like this I'd take in a New York minute!!
I've been trying for years to get backstage with STYX. We got our picture taken with them in '04, but it was a quick in-and-out-no-autographs session that was somewhat disappointing.

I told my wife that she should tell her co-worker that if his wife won't go then he can take us. <g>