Not sure where to really post this as it doesn't appear service specific...

Last week my border server abended twice..both times while trying to
debug filters. This is a problem ever since we went to netware 6 and
had to follow the model of the logger screen and all the gyrations to
capture info from it instead of the console and conlog but at any rate
that's what we've been dealing with. Any time I need to debug filters,
I can expect if I don't catch my error to a file with F2 and soon, the
server will abend with a CPU hog timeout. Anyway it recovered okay from
those as near as I could tell.

But this week, this model of reliability (and it really has been...we've
gone for years now without issues on border) it decided to stop
responding on the nic (although stats on the switch show the port and
card and cable were error-free), just nothing was being sent any more.
Proxy console showed no requests being after I did all I
could I decided a swift reboot was in order. The abend came when I tried
to unload proxy (which normally works), with an error of
"InternalDiskRelease invalid use count". I looked that up in the tech
database and all I can find is stuff related to 3.7...very old stuff at

I am on nw6.5 sp2; bm3.8 sp2a....anything here I should know about?